The Boat

In 1975, my Granny bought a seventeen foot aluminum Grumman canoe from an outdoors store in Lafayette, Louisiana called Pack & Paddle. The store was new then; it had just opened a year prior, in 1974. The owners lived in the house out back and the store sat on what used to be their front […]

The State of the River

Flooding, record flow, broken damns and swamped levees. I’m following the news; don’t think I underestimate the power of the river. I am not ignoring the warning signs. I’m taking them as that: warning signs. Reminders to be cautious, stay sharp. Don’t think either that just because I paddled the Missouri River, some two hundred […]

The Confluence

When I arrived at the confluence of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers in St. Louis on October 3rd 2017, I had no desire to take a right hand turn and head south on the Mississippi towards salt water. The next bend opened up in two directions. For the last one hundred days, I had been […]

A Letter

Dear Reader,   I sit now in a van. It is late at night, and I have lit candles because I like the softer light and the single flames move and flicker enough to give the illusion of life aside from myself inside this little home. A space heater breathes steadily in the corner because […]