This site was originally called ‘Paddleabout’ and was created in 2017 to serve as a live blog for my solo descent of the Missouri river in a kayak from Three Forks, Montana to St. Louis. I wrote extensively in real time for half of that expedition. All of that is still here on this site, raw and unedited.

Now, in 2019, I’m rowing the Mississippi River from source to sea, solo in an aluminum Grumman canoe rigged with oars. I anticipate 2-3 months.

I will be documenting this trip, but only in handwritten notes. After the descent, I plan to write about the Mississippi River, finish writing about the Missouri River, and put it all in one book.

Book updates when the time comes will be posted here, as well as any other relevant updates and sneak peeks.

SYOTR! (See You On The River)

-Ellen “Magellan”